Urgent translation
in one hour (minimum)
with round trip delivery
service provided
we accept orders online
at info@linguamaster.pro
In Words we
We are not an agency.
We are translators.
Breaking communication
barriers and building bridges
Translation is about making sure there is no
misunderstanding. It can happen to people who speak
the same language. Should we really be surprised
when there are various languages involved?
Maria Davidovich
CEO at Linguamaster
Breaking barriers, every day
Between doctors and patients
Between plaintiffs and defendants
Between sellers and buyers
Between writers and readers
Between gamers from different countries
Between a person and their dream
It's the main message behind our
work. Trust as the driver behind
staffing. Trust as the basis of
customer interaction.
Olga Amosova
Chief Operating Officer
Our customers know they can trust us with both translation
and safety of their documents
There are no outsiders in the
This goes for translators and managers, and even couriers

We managed to keep our team in 2020.

We have no unpaid holidays. And no cold calls
made by random sales people. Instead, we
have account managers. There are no
text-producing cogs: we have editors and translators.

We are looking for people who share our
beliefs and understand their area of
responsibility (and what it means); People
who like being in a team where every
member is valued.
check out our current job openings
Perhaps you are the one we've been looking for

All information is strictly
  • In 90% of cases, our in-house translators do the job;
    all of them signed a confidentiality agreement upon
    being hired.
  • We include a confidentiality clause into the
    framework agreement with each client and
  • We store all data on an encrypted server. We do not
    use cloud services for our clients' data
    , which keeps
    them safe from any hackers
  • Delivery of original documents within Moscow is safe,
    too, done by our in-house couriers
Andrey Boiko

Like Andrey, one of them.

Being punctual, polite and diligent are Andrey’s superpowers.

He's been with us since 2016

We can use yours; or, if there is no time to hammer
out all details, you are welcome to use ours. You can
read our NDA form in advance.
Respect is key in our relations
with clients: comfort is our name
of the game.
We offer the best rate in terms
of time and budget

No overpricing, but no cheap labour, either.
Cost-efficient and high-quality do not often
go hand in hand.

For example

...if you need to have an article translated
for in-house training, but a) you're on a
budget, and b) the gist of it is what you
want, we have just the solution for you:
Express or Post-Machine Translation rates.

However, if you've been invited to speak at
a medical conference, then we recommend
the Expert rate: the translation will make
all the difference in front of hundreds or
thousands of people.

Yes, we do care
We know that translation is more than just a
set of words; it is about someone's job, health
or even life. And we consider it accordingly.
If this is a technical or scientific translation, we won't use a single term without your approval, and we will create a personal glossary for you.
If this is a literary translation, then we will pay extra attention to the author's intent and sound.
If this is a medical translation, we will make sure to translate all stamps and seals carefully and make out the doctor's handwriting.
We always welcome your feedback when it comes to any type of translation; we are happy to answer any questions and provide consultations to make sure you get the best experience.
Maria Davidovich
CEO at Linguamaster
To give you a taste of what we
are like at work, I'll just tell you a
story from our experience.
In the end, the quality exceeds your expectations
A translator once asked us to buy the original book to translate a review.
No big deal!
Anatoly Ivanchenko

I was tasked with translating a Russian review of a book by an English rabbi, Lessons in Leadership: A Weekly Reading of the Jewish Bible. The book was in English, but the review had little to do with the original language: almost 80% of it were quotes from the Russian (!) translation of the book.

I needed to get my hands on the source, otherwise I would have had to do a back translation completely different from the original. And that would've been extremely unprofessional: the rabbi would not have even recognised his text in the review.

Not to mention that the chapter titles were to be written in Hebrew in English letters, and the Russian translation doesn't have them. So I asked the company to buy the book in English. I had it on my desk by the end of the week. I set to work immediately.

Olga Amosova
Chief Operating Officer

By the way, there was no printed version of the book available in Russia. We had to buy one and have it delivered through Amazon.


We know the difference between doing things and actually getting things done

You won't be hearing excuses like “Sorry, I
got the numbers wrong”, or “We forgot
about the glossary”, or “What'd you expect,
with a budget like this?”, or “We had no
time to do your order, you should count
your lucky stars we took it on at all!”

If there is a problem, we solve it. We are
the ones responsible for coordinating
resources we will have to use to finish the
job on time. And the price won't change.

Maria Davidovich
CEO at Linguamaster
Professional translation. Without delay.
With love.
Do I love what I do?

For some people, we do everything that they think is tedious. Like notarising and legalising documents or having an apostille attached to them. We file them at different agencies, we queue at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Justice and the consulates. We pay duties. We make arrangements and ask the officials to hurry it up.

For some people, we spend nights translating documents that they hate having and seeing: anamneses, tests, types of tumour, CT and MRI transcripts. We play for their team. The team of survivors.

Tender documents, technical descriptions, tons of Cyprus statutory documents: virtually a sea of words and figures jeopardising the right to a nine-to-five job. Well, you can either drown in that sea, or you can stand up on a surf board and learn to manoeuvre.

Do you know what I enjoy most in my job? I would love to say something like, “tears of gratitude in clients' eyes.” But no.

There are never tears; paperwork is not something you want to be thankful for, especially if it leads to even more paperwork. It's around eight in the evening; the office is empty. It's erily quiet. I lean back in my chair and close my eyes. Because I know there’s someone waiting for me at home in the evening. The same way there are people waiting for me at work in the morning. And most importantly: I want to keep coming back to both places.

Linguamaster is a team that plays for you
We’re always on your side
Want to have everything taken care of with a “turnkey” translation?
Comprehensive business support
Do you have an enormous catalogue, and translation is already overdue?
Urgent translation. Translation of large texts
Need to understand what a complicated text is about, fast?
Post-editing of machine translation (PEMT)
Or, on the contrary, in need of precise proofreading?
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